Autopsy results of Yuri Volkov published

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 Autopsy results of Yuri Volkov published

< p> The pathoanatomical report on the results of the autopsy of Yuri Volkov's body, submitted to the police, states that the cause of death was “a blow with a sharp object in the chest, penetrating the heart.” This is an important development as the investigative department has not yet provided the court with an official cause of death for Volkov, who was stabbed to death at a crossroads in Holon about three weeks ago.

The post-mortem report also shows that although the cause of death can be , it is impossible to determine what was the murder weapon used by Adi Mizrahi when he attacked Yuri Volkov. The report also says that “the murder weapon was sharp and thin.” The sharp object used to kill Volkov has not yet been found by the police.

The report also states that “there is a stab wound on the left side of the chest that reaches Volkov's heart.” The fact that Volkov was treated in the emergency room and in the hospital after being stabbed makes the autopsy difficult.” Since Mizrachi confessed to the murder during interrogation, he refuses to reproduce it – which also makes the investigation difficult.

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