Authorized to publish the name of the killer Yuri Volkov

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 The name of the murderer Yuri Volkov is allowed to be published

The name of the 22-year-old resident of Holon who killed Yuri Volkov at the Eilat intersection in the city is allowed to be published.

Adi Mizrahi is a suspect in the murder of Yuri Volkov, and today, November 25, his detention was extended by six days.

At the beginning of the hearing, the police did not charge him with murder, he was charged with negligent homicide, conspiracy to commit a crime, obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting a crime after it has been done. In addition, the police said that the hearing should be held behind closed doors, partly based on the requirement of the suspect's defense. The Volkov family was outraged by the publications, and after considering the case, the police updated the charges, now Mizrahi is charged with murder.

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