Austrian man infected with dangerous 'super-gonorrhea'

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 A man from Austria contracted a dangerous "super gonorrhea"

An Austrian man has contracted drug-resistant “super gonorrhea”.

According to The Mirror, A man contracted the infection after having unprotected sex with a sex worker in Cambodia while on holiday in April.

When the 50-year-old Austrian returned home, he experienced symptoms of the disease, including pain when urinating.

The analysis confirmed that the man had a sexually transmitted disease. He was prescribed antibiotics. After taking the medication, the symptoms went away, but the test remained positive – that is, the disease did not go anywhere.

Doctors said that this type of gonorrhea is resistant to drugs and can become incurable if it spreads.

The man was put on a weekly course of drugs and later tested negative. The sex worker could not be found, which means that the infection may occur again.

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