Australia’s 73-year-old’s guardian raped 8-year-old girl

В Австралии 73-летний опекун изнасиловал 8-летнюю девочку

Court of the Australian city of Perth was convicted 73-year-old Desmond Hill, who is accused of repeatedly raping an eight-year girl, whose guardian he was. A child called the Mountain “grandfather”.

Bullying pupil lasted about two years. The girl wrote the note, which was accidentally discovered her things social workers. It said: “I feel safe when I am loved. I feel sad when having sex with my grandfather,” writes the with reference on the Facts.

During the investigation it became clear that Desmond Mountains were assaulted at least six children who were under his care between 2007 and 2010. In the two years before the Mountain got his last victim, the other an eight year old girl complained to his wife of sexual harassment, after which the child transferred to another family. However, social workers somehow did not draw any conclusions from this case. Charges Australian has not been shown. And the Department for child protection continued to provide him with pupils.

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As reported by WA Today, Gore has denied allegations from all seven of the victims, calling them “a complete lie”. “It’s all for money and nothing more” — he said in court. He also claimed that not experiencing sexual interest in children. And in General, has long been impotent.

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