Australian scientists said the best drinks for athletes

Австралийские ученые назвали оптимальные напитки для спортсменов

Plain water is not always the best at sports.

According to Australian scientists, athletes need to consume special beverages, reports the with reference to Hvilya.

Drinking water, drinking after a workout can cause cramps, but not prevent them.

For a long time the Professor said that you should drink more water during and after a workout to avoid any cramps. But Australian scientists have refuted the age-old theory. Researchers at the Edith Cowan University say that drinking water on the contrary leads to muscle pain.

They conducted an experiment employing 10 men. After training, they received different types of drinks in order to check which of them cause seizures.

Athletes ran on a treadmill in a warm room, after which five were given plain drinking water, while the other half drank sports drinks with electrolytes.

Electrolytes are minerals in your blood containing salt, potassium, bicarbonate and chloride. These substances are depleted in the body when a person sweats a lot.

“There are many theories about what causes muscle spasms. But first, we have proved that the depletion of electrolytes is the main cause of pain in the muscles,” says Professor Ken Nosaka – author of the study.

Professor Nosaka and his team found that men who consumed drinking water were more likely to experience muscle cramps. While those who were given an electrolyte drink, much less likely to suffer from pain.

“During exercise, the body loses fluids containing electrolytes. Therefore, when we model this loss plain water, we actually dilute the nutrients in our system that leads to spasms in the muscles,” — says the scientist.

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In the future Professor Nosaka plans to conduct further study to determine whether consumption of electrolytes to prevent cramps.

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