Australian club has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for harassment

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 Australian club has implemented a zero tolerance policy for harassment

A nightclub in Australia has introduced a rule that prevents people from looking at another guest without their consent.

The zero-tolerance policy for harassment at the 77 club in Sydney was recently expanded to stop unwanted attention from outsiders and position the club as a “safe place”.

The club management posted an announcement on Instagram about the new rules of behavior in the club:

“The club has attracted some people who don't share our values ​​and ethics when it comes to club culture, compliance and harassment. In response, we have updated our security and harassment policy and introduced new measures to ensure that this place remains a safe space.”

The club is always committed to upkeep and maintains a safe and truly open environment for its clients, artists and staff. According to the club, the introduction of procedures to eliminate incidents after they occur — it's just one aspect of creating a safe environment.

“We also have a responsibility to educate new club members and help them understand what is considered unacceptable behavior on the floor and on the dance floor,” — the message says.

“As a nightclub, we encourage you to interact with strangers, however any interaction must begin with verbal consent. This also applies if you, for example, look at someone from a distance, which is considered harassment”, — club management added.

According to Club 77, a special “security officer” in a pink vest will be responsible for handling complaints, and “violators” will be escorted out. A person may immediately report to a security officer if they are being harassed by another guest or attract unwanted attention.

“If we receive reports of any behavior that has caused someone to feel feels uncomfortable, the person reported will be removed from the club and handed over to the police. We do this to make everyone feel safe, and so that our visitors can feel free to contact the staff in a situation when they feel unsafe, — reads further in the message.

The club also asked its customers to provide feedback on their innovation aimed at creating a strong culture of consent.

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