Aussie sets world record for over 40 hours of surfing

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 Aussie set world record: surfed over 40 hours

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Australian Blake Johnston breaks world record for longest surf session — he spent more than 40 hours on the board, writes the BBC.

The surfer set a record on Cronulla Beach in the south of Sydney. Johnston got up on the board early in the morning on March 16. in total, the man surfed over 700 waves.

Johnston said he was “well prepared.” The previous record of 30 hours and 11 minutes was held by South African Josh Ennslin.

Johnston was to raise public awareness about mental health. Thanks to his idea, he managed to raise about $225,000 for charity.

40-year-old Johnston – a former professional surfer and long-distance runner. While trying to break the record, he faced the risk of blindness, ear infections and dehydration, as well as sleep deprivation, hypothermia, shark attacks and jellyfish stings. He briefly left the sea for a medical examination and the use of eye drops.

Johnston raises funds for the Champy Pullin Foundation, established in memory of Australian Olympic snowboarder Alexei “Champa” Pullin, who drowned while spearfishing in 2020. Johnston also supports mental health charities in part in honor of his father, who committed suicide a decade ago.

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