Aussie fell in love with a sex doll and “introduced” her to her mother

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 Australian fell in love with a sex doll and

Australian carpenter from rural New South Wales named Rod fell in love with a sex doll Karina after a devastating breakup.

proximity Rod decided to buy a sex doll. He spent $2,064 on her, according to the New York Post.

Despite having zero knowledge of sex dolls, the 54-year-old said Kareena “changed his life in many ways.” and finally gave him something to take care of.

“Slowly my heart opened up and I pulled myself away from my grief over the loss of my ex-fiancee that just couldn't go away on its own.” , says Rod.

Just two months after buying Karina, Rod made the big decision to introduce her to his mom for Christmas. Mom new "bride" She didn't appreciate her son.

“My mother looked at her like she was poison,” the man said. However, over time, the mother accepted the situation.

Rod later bought another sex doll named Lauren for a discounted price of $2,000, which he describes as a “dreamer” and sister Karina. He also started a long distance relationship with a Vietnamese woman named Jenny shortly after buying two of his dolls. Rod said his dolls keep him company when he can't be with Jenny. He uses his free time to bathe, dress, pamper and take pictures of them.

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