Auction of amazing jewelry TZOFFEYS 1818

 TZOFFEYS 1818 Amazing Jewelry Auction

TZOFFEYS 1818 is proud to launch an online auction for jewelry, watches and diamonds.

 TZOFFEYS 1818 Amazing Jewelry Auction

 TZOFFEYS 1818 Amazing Jewelry Auction

 TZOFFEYS 1818 Amazing Jewelry Auction

TZOFFEYS 1818 — An international diamond and jewelry auction house with a loyal client base is hosting an online auction for the first time in its history. The sale will feature 138 items received from royalty and aristocracy around the world, as well as limited edition items and items purchased from collectors, all of the highest museum quality.

The owner of the TZOFFEYS 1818 company, Mr. Avner Zoffiof, has been carefully collecting for many years.

On sale are jewelery set with diamonds and rare gemstones, a variety of luxury watches from top brands such as Rolex, including rare watches aimed at collectors, and faceted diamonds from 1 carat in various cuts for those who really understands them.

 TZOFFEYS 1818 Amazing Jewelry Auction

 TZOFFEYS 1818 Amazing Jewelry Auction

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Items featured in the sale will include pieces from the world's leading fashion houses such as Boucheron, Tiffany & Co. One Cliff.

Among the rare items that will take part in the prestigious auction:

Hourglass with diamonds instead of sand made by the world's largest diamond company, De Beers, on the occasion of the new millennium.

The hourglass contains 2,000 top-quality diamonds, totaling 36 carats.

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Diamonds they regularly measure the run of time in an hourglass, and after 12 minutes the clock turns smoothly and starts counting again. Everyone who looks at this process is literally mesmerized by the radiant flow of time, evoking a sense of peace.

Clock "Hourglass" were released in a very limited edition and are being shown in Israel for the first time, signed with the original box of the manufacturer DE BEERS.

Starting price — $9000.


Life in pink — this is a free translation of the most famous song of the greatest chanson singer of all time Edith Piaf — much more than just a ring, it is an amazing work of art. 18k white gold ring set with over 3 carats of diamonds and pink sapphires embodies the quote from the song “When I touch his lips in his arms, my life is pink forever.”

 TZOFFEYS 1818 Amazing Jewelry Auction

Diamonds have always been considered a symbol of eternity and eternal love, and in this ring they can express the fullness of your feelings as they are arranged in circles, which in themselves are a symbol of infinity, above an impressive field of pink sapphires.

Starting price — 1900$

Time not returned— a rare collection of watches that most dramatically reminds that — the most valuable resource in the world.

 TZOFFEYS Amazing Jewelry Auction 1818

 Amazing Jewelry Auction TZOFFEYS 1818

This special sale will feature rare and luxurious watches with a special story. Men's and women's watches are designed and produced by the world's famous watch brands and are intended for connoisseurs and collectors.

Particularly noteworthy here is the 1967 Rolex Vintage Submariner with its original box and rare clasp, starting at $19,000.

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