Attempted murder in Ashdod: new details emerged

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 Assassination attempt in Ashdod: new details emerged

Police allowed the release of the name of the man who committed the attempted murder on September 2 in Ashdod.

According to the information, 51-year-old local resident Aryeh Bukhnik tried to kill the father of his son's killer.

It is known that two months ago, the Beer Sheva District Court found 24-year-old Tomer Alfasi guilty of the February 2020 murder of Nadav Buchnik. Then the suspect hit a guy who was riding a motorcycle, then beat him and stabbed him three times in the chest and stomach, after which he fled the scene.

Arie Bukhnik wanted to settle scores with the killer's father. On Friday morning, he fired a pistol at his victim and tried to escape. Alfasi Sr. was taken to the hospital in a moderate condition. The court extended the detention of Arie Bukhnik until Wednesday.

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