Attempt on Kennedy's life was warned – CIA

The CIA warned about the attack on Kennedy

A year before the assassination of US President John F. Kennedive, the American Embassy in Australia received a call from a man claiming to be a “Polish driver at the Soviet embassy in Canberra” who said that ” countries behind the iron curtain '' prepared an attempt on the life of the American leader.

This follows from the documents published by the US National Archives, 247newsbulletin writes.

The telephone conversation took place on October 15, 1962. According to the man, a conspiracy is planned in which Kennedy's assassin will be paid $ 100,000.

The initiators of the crime were named “countries behind the iron curtain”, as well as “communists in England, Hong Kong and, possibly, some others. countries. ” It is emphasized that the staff of the US Embassy in Canberra considered the caller to be insane, since they could not identify a single Polish employee in the Soviet embassy.

“They note that Soviet institutions in Australia use exclusively Soviet drivers, they have no evidence that they had Polish drivers, '' the CIA memo said.

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