Attempt of a terrorist attack near Nablus: a suicide note was found on a Palestinian

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 Attack attempt near Nablus: suicide note found on Palestinian

A suicide note was found in the pocket of a Palestinian who was shot dead today at the entrance to Nablus in an attempted terrorist attack.

Ynet reports this, without giving details about its contents.

It is specified that before the attempted terrorist act, a car with Israelis was fired upon while driving in the Ramallah area. There are no casualties among those in the cabin, and the vehicle itself was damaged. Details and the possibility of a connection between the two incidents are being investigated.

It should be reminded that a Palestinian got out of the car and tried to take away a weapon from a soldier. He did not respond to the request to stop. As a result, the soldiers opened fire first into the air, and then at the suspect, who eventually died.

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