Attack on the port of Latakia: Russia will express “dissatisfaction” with Israel

Strike on the port of Latakia: Russia will express its“ dissatisfaction ”to Israel

Russia intends to express its dissatisfaction with Israel regarding the attacks on the Syrian port of Latakia.

According to AFP, this statement was made by Dmitry Polyansky.

According to him, Moscow is “very worried” this kind of attack on Syria.

“We do not think such situations are conducive to stability in the Middle East. We have never hidden that we do not approve of such behavior '', & ndash; he stressed.

Let us remind you that we are talking about the attack, which was carried out on the night of December 28. Israel at the official level did not comment on information about its involvement in the strike.

The fire in the port of Latakia could not be extinguished for more than eight hours. It was clarified that the food containers caught fire due to the air strike. Information was also disseminated on the network that there was a Hezbollah warehouse in the port.

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