Attack in Ra'anana – terrorist attack

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 Attack in Ra'anana - terrorist attack

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Rabbi Shneur Yitzhakov was the victim of an attack by a 17-year-old Arab in Ra'anan on August 21.

Police say it was a “criminal incident”.< br />
Yitzkhakov says that yesterday, when he was crossing the road, “someone looked at him strangely.” The rabbi looked around and saw a large knife flashing in the young man's hands. He yelled “Allah Akbar!” and rushed at the rabbi. The rabbi managed to attack the attacker, knocked him down and knocked out the knife. When he reached for the knife, the Arab escaped, jumped up and ran away.

The rabbi received several blows to his legs, but said: “Thank God, I can stand on my feet.”

The police said that “we are talking about the early stages of the investigation.”

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