Atelier Zero To 60 added aggression electrocare Tesla Model S

When it comes to tuning rare American electric car Tesla Model S specialists all companies at the moment, I can only scratch my head at the nape, because it is unclear how to make this car go faster.

However, nobody forbids and nothing prevents the tuners to work on the exterior of the electric vehicle, and California Atelier Zero To 60 introduced a set of improvements.

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Set exclusive tuning for Tesla Model S from Zero To 60 consists of new front bumper with black accents, massive air intakes and fog lamps, rear bumper and a small spoiler on the trunk lid.

There are changes in the interior: seats, door cards, steering wheel, dashboard and some elements of the cabin received bright red skin, which, apparently, cause the owners of the Model S a sense of drive, which could be deprived because of the quietness of the car.

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A package of improvements from Californians is estimated at 6 500 USD.

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