At what age do men marry: research results

At what age do men get married: research results

The average age of men tying the knot has increased to 32.3 years.

This is evidenced by the results of the study.

According to scholars, during Shakespeare's time, men got married at about 20 years old. Now the male half of the world's population is tying the knot, on average, after 30. However, this figure is highly dependent on the country of residence.

For example, in India, men get married at about 26 years old, while Australians & ndash; at 39, and Americans & ndash; at 29.

Among celebrities, there is more variation in the issue of marriage. Young people like Macaulay Culkin and Justin Bieber got married at 19 and 24, respectively. An older generation of actors & ndash; George Clooney and Richard Gere & ndash; did not rush to get married until the age of 52 and 69, respectively.

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