At the bottom of the red sea discovered a funny discovery (video)

The diver posted a video on his page in Facebook.

На дні Червоного моря виявлена кумедна знахідка (відео)

Diver Vitaly Bazaars that lives in the Egyptian Dahab, found at the bottom of the red sea a stone statue that is more reminiscent of the figure of the donkey, reports Rus.Media. Judging by the fact that the statue was covered with shells and corals, it is under water for quite some time. At the time of the shooting on his ear hung a pretty new hat, and how he got there is unknown.

Video was made in July 2017, however, in early December, has gained great popularity in the network.

A statue of a donkey was chosen by marine life: on the video you can see how the statues around the swimming fish of different sizes, and under it there is another big one. Bazarov made more than five thousand dives. He leads the community in Facebook, where she publishes underwater photography

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