At the bottom of the North sea have found evidence of possible settlements of hunters-gatherers

На дне Северного моря нашли следы возможного поселения охотников-собирателей

Age of settlement is estimated at 10 thousand years.

Scientists from the University of Bradford found at the bottom of the North sea, the petrified forest, which can hide traces of ancient settlements of people who lived in this region about 10 thousand years ago. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to the settlement could belong to the hunter-gatherers who lived here in the stone age before the local landscape was flooded.

“We are confident that we are close to finding a settlement. Many artifacts that were found in this region suggests that there must be something,” said the study’s lead author Vincent Gaffney.

Analysis of some samples have shown that beneath the seabed is a layer of compressed peat. This indicates that in the past it was fertile wetland suitable for permanent human habitation. However, some parts of the flooded land completely covered by more modern sediments from major rivers.

Scientists have suggested how the first people came to Asia

According to scientists, 12 thousand years ago after the last ice age, the region became forested plain, inhabited by many animals and which chose for their settlements the ancient hunter-gatherers. About eight thousand years ago, the region sank to the bottom of the sea.

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