At the airport of Odessa found a wire

Serving the airport firm had unauthorized access to your surveillance cameras.

At the Odessa airport investigators and prosecutors uncovered a leak private and sensitive information, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“The prosecutors of regional Prosecutor’s office in conjunction with investigators and employees of operational units of the security Service in the region revealed the illegal channel leaks private, service information in Odessa airport”, — stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office.

It is reported that the firm was to provide programming and maintenance technology, but its employees, are able to capture all internal service life of the airport, which is a strategic object of infrastructure.

The investigation found that the company representatives are unauthorized followed the guards in their offices, customs area, cashier, accounting, facilities for personal care.

The observation was conducted in the offices of airport staff. They also had access to the chambers of the hall of official delegations, where there were official representatives of Ukraine and foreign States.

Law enforcement agencies check the data about the leak of private and trade data to and from Odessa airport.

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