Astronomers have identified on Pluto liquid ocean

Астрономы выявили на Плутоне жидкий океан

Probe NASA gave scientists new photos and data on the planet

Astronomers have identified on Pluto liquid ocean. This discovery was done with the help of the New Horizons probe, which is circling the planet took a few pictures and gathered a lot of important information about the planet. In particular, astronomers received data on the possible chemical composition of the soil on the surface of Pluto, writes the with reference to Accents

Photo taken in the light spectra, has allowed scientists to find out what on the planet’s surface there are substances with different absorption of light. The length of this absorption is in the range of 1.65 and 2.2 microns. Similar parameters have only ammonia. One of the lakes or seas of this chemical the scientists found the furrow of Virgil.

She furrow could be formed in result of tectonic processes that occur on Pluto. That is, on the planet there cryovolcanism the eruption of a huge and under-ice ocean, which was not able to freeze.

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The idea about existence of Pluton liquids was announced in 2015, after receiving data from the satellite. At that time, the NASA probe New Horizons has collected data about ellipsoidal basin called the Plain of the Satellite.

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