Astronomers have discovered an unusual object near mercury: “never found”

Астрономы обнаружили необычный объект возле Меркурия: «Такого раньше не находили»

Astronomers have discovered a new asteroid in the vicinity of mercury

American scientists have discovered a unique asteroid 2019 AQ3 rotating unusually close to the Sun, flying around it in just 165 days.

This herd is known after their publication on the project website ZTF.

“We discovered the amazing celestial body, almost never leaving the boundaries of the orbit of Venus. Such objects we had not found that makes 2019 AQ3 representative of a very rare group of asteroids. We assume that we expect and other similar findings,” says Quan-Zhi Ye (Quanzhi Ye) from the California Institute of technology in Pasadena (USA).

Астрономы обнаружили необычный объект возле Меркурия: «Такого раньше не находили»

Ye and his colleagues discovered one of the most unusual objects in the study of images that the camera sends ZTF. It is installed in the Palomar Observatory. Found asteroid is unique in its orbit. The fact that most objects in the inner Solar system rotates within the plane of the Ecliptic, a “cake” of the Solar system, not much deviating from it. Such a movement is not typical for objects that are close to the dwarf planets.

Scientists are confident that this asteroid does not threaten Earth. After all, the closest distance that it will approach our planet is 90 times greater than the distance between the earth and the Moon.

Unusual orbit not yet disclosed the physical characteristics of the asteroid making it difficult to accurately attributed to any family of small celestial bodies.

Астрономы обнаружили необычный объект возле Меркурия: «Такого раньше не находили»

Earlier it was reported that Nasa captured on video by the rotation of the asteroid Bennu, which, according to astronomers, is a serious threat to our planet.

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To capture a full rotation of the asteroid turned out due to the interplanetary station OSIRIS-Rex, which is used to deliver soil samples from the surface of the space object. In two years, the craft has logged more than 2 billion miles.

Nasa said that the station will continue the study of Bennu during the year, then take samples from its surface. On the Ground, the apparatus must back in September 2023.

Still recall that scientists using NASA probe found water on the most dangerous asteroid in the Solar system.

It was also reported that scientists were able to find the asteroid that has an extremely unusual shape of a snowman.

In addition, Politeka wrote that scientists at NASA are anxious for people’s lives, the asteroid hurtling with incredible speed and minimal distance.

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