Astronomers have discovered a rare “zombie star”

Астрономы обнаружили редчайшую "зомби-звезду"

This star consists of the other two, who were once dead.

In the constellation of Cassiopeia discovered a star that stands out among the rest. Scientists have not found any signs of hydrogen or helium, so they lit the star. Despite the lack of hydrogen and helium, this star shines brighter than the Sun, according to the with reference to PolitekA.

The researchers suggested that this unique star in the past was two dead stars.

Scientists have studied the gas nebula that surrounds the star and came to the conclusion that the unusual properties of the stars are associated with the rare phenomenon that involves the fusion between a few white dwarfs.

“This event is extremely rare. Probably, in the milky Way is not even half a dozen such objects, and we found one of them,” said study co — author Goetz Greener from the Institute of astronomy of Argelander (AIfA) University of Bonn in Germany.

Scientists have observed the Cassiopeia with the help of infrared telescope, and later came across this amazing phenomenon. They found a bright star that burned in the centre ripped the gas of the nebula. The apparent lack in the nebula of hydrogen and helium, allowed Greenery and his colleagues make the assumption that the mysterious star was a white dwarf.

Further investigation revealed that the star emitted infrared light, which is 40,000 times brighter than the Sun. Also it pushed itself around the solar winds that echoed at a speed of about 58000000 km/h and fell into space.

A team of scientists conducted several simulations and found that all the unusual phenomena of this star can be explained by the merger of two white dwarfs.

“We assume that the two white dwarf formed in the immediate vicinity billions of years ago. They circled around each other, creating a curvature of space-time, called gravitational waves,” says study co-author Norbert Langer.

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Creating solar winds, two dead stars, slowly losing energy and approaching each other. After two burned-out stars collided with each other, gained enough weight and started to create new elements, which later became a single star. Scientists have made the assumption that after thousands of years the star will again become a dead object, and quenched, destroyed under its own gravity.

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