Astronomers have discovered a previously unknown exoplanet, which changed their ideas about stars. Video

Астрономы обнаружили ранее неизвестную экзопланету, которая перевернула их представления о звездах. Видео

A new discovery has puzzled astronomers

An international team of astronomers made a sensational discovery. They found a previously unknown exoplanet, which changed their understanding of stars and planetary systems, writes the with reference on the Main

This planet, in fact, can not exist. It is in the so-called “neptunovskim the desert” that is very close to the parent star. So close, it makes a revolution around it in just 1 earth day and seven hours.

This area is very strong radiation. It used to be that it can’t exist on the planet with a gas atmosphere, which would simply evaporate. However, the open exoplanet atmosphere there. And the temperature on its surface reaches 1000 degrees Celsius.

Astronomers have identified on Pluto liquid ocean

Researchers have named the new planet “impossible”. It is located at a distance of 920 light years from Earth.

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