Astronomers have discovered a planet like the earth

Астрономы обнаружили планету земного типа

Incredibly, the ring system of the planet has a mass comparable to the mass of the Earth.

An international team of astronomers have found in outer space is very peculiar planet. Around it the rings are just gigantic proportions, according to the with reference to

Thus, the system of the rings of exoplanet J1407b has an external radius of approximately 90 million km (640 times the size of Saturn’s rings).

The ring system has a mass comparable to the mass of the Earth. The orbital period of J1407b is estimated with a precision of the order of from 3.5 to 13.8 years, and the most likely mass ranges from 13 to 26 Jupiter masses.

Gaps in the rings indicate the presence of satellites formed from the more dense rings. At a distance of 61 million miles from the center of the system of rings there is a wide gap that may be evidence of the presence of a satellite with a mass of up to 0.8 Earth masses.

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The young age of the star systems and large mass of the system of rings may indicate the presence of an object at an early stage of satellite formation, and not on the stability of large system of rings.

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