Astronomers have discovered a “Forbidden planet”

Астрономы обнаружили "Запретную планету"

This planet needs to be rocky.

Using the Observatory in the Atacama desert, unexpectedly, astronomers have identified an exoplanet that is where its existence was considered impossible — in the area called “Neptunovskim wasteland”. The study described in the article, published on 20 April in the journal “Monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society”.

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Neptunovskim wasteland— term due to the phenomenon previously noticed by the astronomers. Typically in this area the existence of planets the size of Neptune, which make a revolution around its star in less than four days. However, as it turned out, there are exceptions.

We are talking about a newly-discovered planet NGTS-4b, which because of its implausibility was nicknamed “the Forbidden planet”.

“This planet must be rocky, it is precisely in the area where we expected, but there can not be the survival of planets the size of Neptune”, the statement says lead author Richard West, an astronomer from the University of Warwick in the UK.

“It’s really remarkable that we found a planet transit the star dimming less than 0.2% — this is still never did earthly telescopes.”

“Forbidden planet” orbits a star called

NGTS-4, which is at a distance of nearly 920 light years from Earth. A planet, apparently, revolves around its star once every 1.3 earth days, and it is around 20 times the mass and 3 times the Earth’s radius. There is speculation that it also saves the atmosphere, which particularly surprised the researchers, since at such a close distance from its star the planet it is practically impossible to hold the gas.

Researchers believe that the planet can exist, despite their location, because it was formed elsewhere and migrated to the desert area of Neptune for the last million years or so. There is a version and that the planet was originally much larger and was slowly losing material.

Astronomers used the telescope to Survey Transit Survey the next generation in the Atacama desert in Chile to detect the newly identified planet.

For the first time a planet was discovered in data collected by telescope Transit Survey the next generation of Survector, located in the mountains of the Atacama desert in Chile. The team used a number of other telescopes to conduct follow-up observations that made them more confident in the detection and characterization of NGTS-4b.

The Earth is approaching a giant asteroid

Now scientists hope to begin new study to find

“Forbidden planet”. “We are now collecting data to see if we can see more planets in the wilderness of Neptune”, — reads the statement of the West. “Maybe the desert is greener than we thought before.”

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