Astronomers explained what damage can hackers cause the alien

Астрономы объяснили, какой вред могут нанести инопланетные хакеры

The signals of extraterrestrial civilizations able to harm humanity.

According to astronomers from Germany and the United States, the message from the aliens will be destroyed immediately without decoding to protect the Network from new computer viruses, to fight that may be difficult to impossible, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Message from aliens can catch the radio telescopes. In most cases, well-designed by experts, the messages contain malicious code. Scientists will have to abandon decrypt any messages. In addition, the aliens can be hostile, which will start real panic among the population in case of clarifying the content of the messages. The proposed text could be: “Tomorrow we will turn the Sun into a supernova”.

During the decoding of messages it is impossible to follow all the safety rules. The contamination may lead to activation of the nuclear bombs or the uprising of artificial intelligence (a file from the aliens in theory can contain a library under the guise of AI).

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