Astronomers explained the origin of Omwamwi

Астрономы объяснили происхождение Оумуамуа

A celestial body can be formed in close approximation of the system.

Astronomers from the University of Zurich declared that the objects similar to the first interstellar asteroid Omwamwi may be formed as a result of the close approach of the systems. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to the hypothesis of the researchers can not only tell you about the appearance of these celestial bodies, but also to offer an alternative to the hypothesis of the “Ninth planet”.

In our Solar system there are several zones of rocky planetesimals, that are actually the debris left after the formation of the planets and their satellites. However, a new study suggests that some of these objects can “outsiders” who arrived from another system.

According to existing concepts, the Solar system was formed 4.5 billion years ago from a disk of gas and dust that revolved around the Sun. The particles of the material encountered, and formed planets and satellites, and remnants formed the Main asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune and the Oort Cloud, which is even further.

The gravity of the star keeps these objects in orbit around it, but most likely, some of them can “break away” and start the journey. One of such bodies is Omwamwi.

In the new study, the researchers conducted a computer simulation which showed what would happen if two star systems pass close to each other. It turned out that the gravity of the larger star can destroy the belt around the smaller, causing the objects of them start moving in strange trajectories.

However, such objects can not only be thrown out of their system, but stay with it to the new orbit. This assumption can help to explain features of our Solar system. So, we know that other stars passing near the Sun in the past, and the most recent such event happened only about 70 thousand years ago. This means that there can be “other” asteroids: some of them have already been identified, but it is possible that they are in General much more than expected.

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Moreover, it can also be an alternative to the hypothesis of the Ninth planet. Some astronomers believe that beyond Pluto there is a large ninth planet orbiting the Sun: the main evidence in favor of this is considered strange orbit of some distant TRANS-Neptunian objects. In the new study, however, it is assumed that these oddities can be explained by the gravitational influence of other stars, which in the past approached our system.

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