Astronomers announced the discovery of the “impossible” exoplanet

Астрономы заявили об обнаружении «невозможной» экзопланеты

Planet nearly the size of Neptune is very close to the parent star.

Astronomers have discovered a very unusual exoplanet. Its dimensions are almost reach the size of Neptune, but it is located in a region very close to its star. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to previously, researchers have assumed that this is impossible.

The planet received the designation NGTS-4b, it is 20% smaller than the Neptune, but three times as much Land and 20 times harder. Its surface temperature reaches thousands of degrees Celsius, and rotation around its sun she commits for 1.3 earth days.

According to the researchers, this is the first planet of this size, which was found so close to the star, in “neptunovskim the wilderness.” This region is subject to strong radiation that was supposed to mean that the planet can’t keep his gas atmosphere: NGTS-4b it is, however, is.

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Scientists believe that NGTS-4b appeared in “neptunovskim the desert” recently, within the last million years, or the planet was so large that her family is still in the process of evaporation.

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