Astronaut told how to survive the withdrawal

Астронавтка розповіла, як пережити самоізоляцію

Peggy Whitson
/ cbsnews

Former American astronaut Peggy Whitson gave useful tips on how to survive the isolation.

During the work on the ISS a woman held at the station 665 days.

According to her, she was never bored in space. Astronauts have for one mission to be in a confined space and in contact with the same people. To do this, they even train at NASA.

Whitson noted that all astronauts are taught to work in a team, and that common goal is paramount. In the realities of the pandemic COVID-19 it’s important for people to understand that being in quarantine, they save lives. If not forget about it, you can move the isolation will be easier. Also, the astronaut was advised to make contact with people that are near you for quarantine.

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