Astronaut Eitan Stibbe will deliver matzah to the ISS

 Astronaut Eitan Stibbe delivers matzah to the ISS

Second Israeli astronaut Eitan Stibbe will deliver handmade matzah to the International Space Station. This was reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Matzashmura, as well as several packages of grape juice, were in a bag of Passover food that Stibbe received from the Chabad of the Space and Treasure Coasts in Florida, according to .

Stibbe also took a cup of wine (grape juice) with him, although in space you can only drink through a straw. The astronaut himself explained the meaning of Pesach in this way: “The Seder, Pesach, is dedicated to freedom, which we celebrate every year and remind ourselves of the importance of freedom.”

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