Asteroid “Planet Killer” hid in the sunlight

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 Asteroid “Planet Killer” hid in sunlight < /p>

According to a study recently published in The Astronomical Journal, three asteroids were recently sighted near our planet, lurking in bright sunlight. One of them is the largest potentially dangerous PHA asteroid discovered in the last 8 years.

The celestial body in question, named “2022 AP7”, was first discovered in January 2022 and identified as a near-Earth asteroid of the &ldquo ;Apollo”. It measures over 1 kilometer and is likely to be among the largest known PHAs.

According to a recent CNN article, it has been given the nickname “Planet Killer” because its potential impact on Earth could lead to a catastrophe that our planet has not seen for millions of years. The asteroid should not hit the Earth, but it is expected to pass very close.

Such a large object, which should pass very close to the Earth, is usually determined earlier, however, proximity to the sun obscured it from view. “Thus, – explain the authors of the study, – opening “2022 AP7” is an example of how a large telescope observing the Sun at dusk can find large near-Earth objects that cannot be effectively detected in most modern NEO surveys”.

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