Astafyev was criticized for a candid shot: a Strange posture with a hump

Астафьеву раскритиковали за откровенный снимок: Странная поза с горбом

Ukrainian singer Dasha Astafieva once again showed off his figure, this time completely Nude

Dasha Astafyeva — the girl who conquered the world magnetic appearance, but also become a real sex symbol for the whole of Ukraine.

Her name has long been associated with the magazine “Playboy”, however, breaking all stereotypes, Dasha proved that may be of interest to a wide audience, and in many other roles. She “lit up” on the Ukrainian “Star Factory”, and has also released several hits with the group “NikitA”. In addition, the girl debuted as a TV presenter.

Recently, a popular Ukrainian singer, model, actress and TV presenter Dasha Astafieva boasted to fans of the slender figure. The corresponding photo published user nickyashika on his page in Instagram.

By the way, the picture shows the singer posing completely naked. In the photo you can see only part of the Shoe.

Comments to new photos quite a bit, but still they are there. For example, one of the network users drew attention to the posture of the singer: “Strange posture with a hump, though, and beautifully (“, “beauty”.

Астафьеву раскритиковали за откровенный снимок: Странная поза с горбом

Астафьеву раскритиковали за откровенный снимок: Странная поза с горбом

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Show business

Also earlier it was reported that Dasha Astafieva often pleases fans of bold outfits, but this time surpassed herself.

Popular Ukrainian singer, actress and sex symbol Dasha Astafieva often shared with fans in Instagram snapshots of life and different photo shoots.

Recently a celebrity came on the scene one of the most popular Metropolitan concert halls in a very sexy outfit. So, the actress spoke in transparent dress Nude with painted crosses on the massive chest.

“#show #dashaastafieva ” — succinctly signed a spicy frame Astafieva. Followers were delighted: “Hot…)”, “Shameless hot🙈”, “Daria always bold apparel ❣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”, “Chic 😉”, “Femme fatale💥still fishwife”.

Астафьеву раскритиковали за откровенный снимок: Странная поза с горбом

Recall that the Ukrainian singer has pleased fans with new naughty photos.

Famous Ukrainian singer and socialite Dasha Astafieva often pleasing followers with new photos in his Instagram.

Often these images are erotic in nature, which further fuels the interest of subscribers to Dasha. This time the singer showed the photo in a seductive manner.

So, in the picture the artist posing in sexy dark outfit – long skirt and a black top-mesh, which can be seen bustier with a print. While Dasha without shoes, only in black tights. On the head of the actress apparently wig-Kara, a bright makeup with emphasis on the lips that she painted a rich red lipstick.

Recall Astafieva showed her lover

As reported Politeka, Astafiev told why he decided on a dramatic change of image.

Also Politeka wrote that Dasha Astafieva has declared war: what will fight the singer.

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