Astafiev showed the hot pics: “Zero clothes”

Астафьева показала самые горячие фото: "Ноль одежды"

Popular Ukrainian singer, actress and sex symbol Dasha Astafieva often shared with fans in Instagram snapshots of life and different photo shoots

So, this time Astafieva, who previously enticed fans with an unexpected confession on his page in social network Instagram has published a series of striking photos.

The photographs, which appeared in the account Dasha Astafyeva, she appeared on the overview of the audience in three different roles, although they are all United by one theme – femininity and beauty.

Астафьева показала самые горячие фото: "Ноль одежды"

So, the singer decided to respond in the social network Instagram to the questions of his fans in the section “stories” and published several racy shots for this reason.

For example, the star revealed how he prefers to relax and which PJ is. How to prepare and starred in new photo shoots Nude. When asked what was her most courageous in life, Dasha jokingly noted that the brightest is yet to come.

It is also worth noting that the new frames Astafieva appeared in good shape and showed images not previously shown on the page.

Астафьева показала самые горячие фото: "Ноль одежды"

Астафьева показала самые горячие фото: "Ноль одежды"

Previously, the star presented three photos in new and spicy ways.

In the first photo, the singer appeared totally naked in full length, but it covers delicate body gray leopard fur coat. Legs actress black stilettos, her hair gathered into a strict hair style and face makeup.

Астафьева показала самые горячие фото: "Ноль одежды"

In the second photo Dasha Astafieva posing while sitting on a leather couch, crossing her legs and not looking at the camera. It is a little wearing on her black lingerie set that accentuates Breasts and a slim figure stars. Over the bra, the singer threw on the coat and on her feet those shoes. The third picture over the portrait, it is not visible clothing – the emphasis is on hands stars and the curves of her body.

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Астафьева показала самые горячие фото: "Ноль одежды"

Fans love the new photo session of Dasha Astafyeva and covered the star with compliments in the comments. “Sexy”, “my sister in the’ 90s was like the fur coat”, “Adorable Dora! Amazing coat”, “Way in the trend!”, “Very cool!”, “Such as it is. Incredibly sexy and feminine. Luxury! Greetings from his native Ordzhonikidze”, “How beautiful, Dasha, You are beautiful”, “Cool and with style!”, “Oh, as needed, of course. Belly, moles… Space”, “Here’s how not to love this incredibly delightful woman?”, write enthusiastic fans in the comments to the photo.

Earlier we reported that the star a few days in Bali.

In the last photo she is depicted in a satin sundress with thin spaghetti straps and embossed ornament on the skirt. Outfit of emerald color is very Dasha, which during the holidays even decided to abandon cosmetics.

“Spa. To sleep. Spa. To sleep. Fatmass,” he described all his lessons in the exotic edge itself Astafieva. And under some of the pictures the artist has left a more mysterious signature.

Астафьева показала самые горячие фото: "Ноль одежды"

“Love again,” wrote the star. And we can only guess, talking about the rich nature of the island or not.

Fans, obviously intrigued by what he saw, signed the stars began to comment on the new photo, and also ask what exactly caused the singer to leave the label.

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As reported Politeka, Astafiev told why he decided on a dramatic change of image.

Also Politeka wrote that Dasha Astafieva has declared war and told what will fight

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