Assumption snapped the Vine to the criticism of the sponsorship of the Ukrainian army

Успенская резко ответила Лозе на критику о спонсировании украинской армии

Assumption snapped the Vine to the criticism of the sponsorship of Ukrainian army
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The Russian musician also “driven” by Mikhail Zhvanetsky and Sofia Rotaru.

Ukrainian singer Lubov Uspenskaya, who lives in Russia, said that the antics musician Yuri Vine – “the mud, to which I do not want to have a relationship.” He called Sofia Rotaru “people’s artist of the world”, which doesn’t have life principles. So Vine spoke about the famous Ukrainian artist on the eve of her performance at the “Song of the year” in Russia.

Also in an episode of the talk show “60 minutes” with Olga Skobeeva got Mikhail Zhvanetsky and most of the assumption, which the Russian musician recalled the recent concerts in Ukraine. Loza noted that speeches and other official activities of the funds received to the Treasury of Ukrainian is the so – called military training. In the financing of the army of Ukraine he blamed and generally all artists who perform in our country.

I’ll never understand people like Yuri Loza. Don’t know what motivates them: their own mediocrity and career setbacks, the lack of basic common sense or lack of taste, or the inability to critically perceive reality. In defense of Sofia Rotaru, which is also great Iosif Kobzon during the life called the “Queen of soundtracks”, he tries to denigrate and humiliate really talented people. I don’t understand this anger, I do not understand how low you sink, to use the frankly empty and dirty gossip to involve the Ukrainian people just to remembered, wrote in his assumption


So she responded to the criticism of the Vines is not only your address but also other artists.


Oleg Lyashko, Dmitry Gordon and secular elite at the concert of Lyubov Uspenskaya Kiev

7 thousand spectators, celebrity guests and the Ukrainian political elite at the forefront of international duets and “Convertible” – tell, how was the concert Queen of chanson and rap.

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