Assassination attempt on Israeli in Georgia ordered to cut throat

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 Assassination attempt on an Israeli in Georgia: ordered to cut throat

Iran ordered Pakistani terrorist Amir Khan, who was sent to Georgia, to cut the throat of Israeli businessman Itzik Moshe earlier this month. Walla reports new details of the investigation into the thwarted assassination attempt. According to investigators, the original plan of his mission was changed after he refused to comply and instead demanded to provide him with firearms. According to Khan, a 45-year-old man named Sufyan, with links to international terrorist organizations and the Iranian authorities, entered Georgia before him without any problems, and it was he who hired the Pakistani to carry out the assassination. “I had two chances to do it, but I told him I couldn't kill a man with a knife, and he got me a gun,” — he said. The suspect described in detail how he was recruited into the Al-Quds units Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and how he was sent to Tbilisi to carry out a mission.

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