Ashton Kutcher to testify in court in the murder of ex-lover

Эштон Кутчер дал показания в суде по делу убийства экс-возлюбленной

On that fateful day, the actor wanted to take a girl out on a date.

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, who left his number on Twitter for fans to chat, gave evidence in court for the murder of his ex-sweetheart Ashley Ellerin, writes the with reference to TSN.

21 February 2001, a girl was brutally murdered by a serial killer who was nicknamed the “Hollywood butcher.” Then Kutcher had to drive Ashley out on a date.

The actor called Ellerin and invited her to the party after the ceremony, “Grammy”.

“I called Ashley around 7:30 PM because I was late. 8:24 she said she got out of the shower and said he was calling from the phone your friend. It was like, “I’ll See you later,” recalled Kutcher.

He added that after that, a few times called Ellerin, but she didn’t answer.

“I tried to ask her out on a date and didn’t want to seem too Intrusive, so I just left her a message,” said the actor.

Soon the actor came to the girl’s house, but she didn’t answer. Kutcher says that he looked through the window and saw red stains on the carpet. The actor concluded that this spilled red wine.

With the idea that he “screwed up because you were late” Kutcher went away. The next morning Ellerin found dead in this home with 47 stab wounds.

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A serial killer whose name is Michael Hardily and who worked as a repair technician of air conditioners, arrested only in 2008. In addition Ellerin, which was 22, Hercilio also accused of murdering at least two women 18 and 32 years. Prosecutors seek death penalty of the murderer.

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