Ashdod: Disabled pensioner faces jail for unpaid parking fines

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 Ashdod: disabled pensioner faces jail for unpaid parking fines< /p>

Retired Grigory Cherkassky, who is confined to a wheelchair, could be jailed for two unpaid parking tickets.

The man, 74, lives in the city Ashdod, according to the Times of Israel.

The pensioner is expected to spend five days in jail after refusing to pay for two parking tickets he said were “unreasonable”. According to the press, Cherkassky has a parking permit that allows him to park his car in disabled spaces.

“I parked my car in a good place, I think they issued a ticket because there was a safety island nearby,” the man said.

However, the Ashdod municipality alleges that the man parked in such a way that he blocked the traffic and violated the traffic rules.

Trying to avoid paying a fine, the pensioner asked to be tried. But the hearings were postponed, and eventually fines increased to such an extent that he was asked to pay double the original amount.

“Because the time passed between the hearings, I was told that I should pay double the fine. But it's not my fault – it's because they postponed the hearing,” Cherkassky said.

Faced with a choice between a NIS 1,000 fine or imprisonment, the man chose the second option.

“I'm waiting for them to tell me when I need to start my sentence.I am very upset and disappointed… I am wheelchair bound and cannot park in non-handicapped parking spaces… I have been living in Ashdod for 30 years, I never expected that the city treats the disabled like that,” said Cherkassky.

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