Ash: the unvaccinated threaten the healthcare system with collapse

Ash: the unvaccinated threaten the healthcare system with collapse

Israelis who have not been vaccinated create a high burden on hospitals.

This statement was made by the general director of the Ministry of Health Nachman Ash in an interview with Ynet on September 23. < br />
According to the professor, 17% of unvaccinated Israelis account for 60% of deaths from COVID-19. Ash added that recently, health workers, especially those working in emergency departments, have been overwhelmed by a disproportionate burden.

“Today, it is mostly unvaccinated people who get sick. They put a strain on hospitals. We have a limited number of health workers, which is why we are already on the brink. We still find a place for everyone. However, if the numbers rise, difficult decisions will have to be made. And we don't want to get to that “, & ndash; Ash emphasized.

According to the general director of the Ministry of Health, the coronavirus cabinet should review the restrictions on mass gatherings. Today, September 23rd, the ministry will recommend limiting attendance at crowded events.

“I would shorten gatherings such as football matches so that there are no more than 400 people in a closed area, and in an open area; more than 500 & quot ;, & ndash; he added.

Earlier, the coordinator of the fight against coronavirus Salman Zarka expressed concern about the increase in the number of severe cases.

hospitals & ndash; a large influx of patients, uninfected ones have to be accommodated in overcrowded wards, and there is a sorely lack of ECMO devices throughout the country.

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