Asaf Ha Rofe: A pregnant woman took a gun from a policeman

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 Asaf Ha Rofe: A pregnant woman took a gun from a police officer

The police demanded identification from a woman in the last stages of pregnancy and her husband at the Asaf Ha Rofe Hospital.

The woman, Victoria Kortneva, and her husband were sitting in the car. The husband did not answer the police and stepped aside – after which the police decided to detain him. The husband resisted – and he was twisted and laid on the sidewalk by the police and security guards. Victoria decided to protect her husband and took away the gun from one of the policemen. After only a few minutes of struggle, the gun was taken away from Victoria.

Victoria is arrested and is under police guard in the High Risk Pregnancy Unit.

Victoria admits that she has committed a serious misconduct – but also says she was shocked by police violence. She says: “If something happens, I will not turn to them for help. I've lost faith in them.

Victoria's lawyer said, “The Israel Police should be ashamed. They beat her husband during detention – and what did they expect from the unfortunate woman? The policeman hit her and threw her away. She was illegally detained, her rights are violated while she is in the high-risk pregnancy department. We will take the most serious steps, we will complain to the Internal Investigation Department”.

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