As the smell of a loved one affects your sleep

Як запах коханої людини впливає на сон

Sleep with your lover positively affects sleep

Many people familiar with the situation when sleeping at night may not produce the desired result. First, you can’t sleep, and the rest of the night tossing and turning in bed. In the morning feel overwhelmed and exhausted. The experts decided to find out how our sleep is affected by the favorite person beside.

Experts in psychology believe that the smell of a loved one have a positive effect on sleep quality.

According to experts, inhalation of this fragrance people feel better about themselves, falling asleep is easy, and in the morning likely to be an easy climb.

For information, an experiment was conducted involving 155 volunteers, who, instead of the pillowcases had to use clothes.

Volunteers gave away 2 t-shirts. One of them was after the second half, and the second is after a stranger. Partners before to give scientists the clothes worn by his day. Volunteers 2 nights slept in a t-shirt, and then the next couple nights on the other. Moreover, the participants were not told their thing.

With the help of special sensors the specialists determined the quality of sleep, and recorded the movement. In the morning, volunteers answered the questions of experts regarding the feelings and emotional state. Also, participants were asked to say on whose t-shirt, according to them, they slept.

Як запах коханої людини впливає на сон

The aroma of a loved one is a positive effect on sleep

Having processed the received information, the scientists came to the conclusion that the volunteers slept better, he felt the scent of a loved one.

Psychologists found that the presence of a loved one during sleep generally positive effect on the emotional condition and psychological comfort beneficial to health.

The study showed a direct link between sleep quality and your loved one. It is worth noting that harmonious relationship can make you happier and more positive, not only overnight, but every day.

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