As the sky: the 10 most beautiful Actresses of Russian cinema

The fact that our women are the most beautiful, accepts the entire world. We never cease to be proud of! So, we present the top 10 most beautiful Russian Actresses of the modern age.

Svetlana Khodchenkova

The actress became recognizable after the release of the film “Bless the woman”. Today Svetlana more than 60 works. Moreover, are interested in it, even in Hollywood!

Ekaterina Guseva

Gusev spared the fate of the “ugly duckling”. Being a child she stood out among her peers. The first role the girl played in his student years. But fame came after the series “Brigada”.

Kristina Asmus

The actress seeks to develop the role of the naive Vari. Fortunately, the way to her trailer. Today Christine 16 projects. And as an unexpected bonus: it turns out that Asmus is a Russian candidate master of sports!

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A very popular actress! In the portfolio of Catherine has nearly 70 acting work. Many of them were awarded prizes.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

That’s really a worthy continuation of an acting dynasty. For her role in the film “Admiral” Boyarsky received more than one award. The girl very busy schedule, but for charity, she finds.

Marina Aleksandrova

She received her first role in high school. And after the TV series “Azazel” woke up famous. Alexandrov continues to please us with new roles.

Yulia Zimina

Remember the Gypsy Carmelita? After this role Directors are lining up to get Julia in his movie. Another girl successfully works on television.

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Samburski known to many for the TV series “Univer”, everyone else on Instagram. The magazine “iFamous” Nastassja awarded the title of “Best young actress in 2012.”

Anna Kalashnikova

Actress, model and singer! Three higher education and rapid social activities. Anna helps children with cerebral palsy and is actively involved in charity work.

Natalia Vodianova

World celebrity! The girl is not only beautiful walking on the catwalk, but also successfully acted in films. Even her role leading the show “the Voice.” Behind Vodianova more than 10 years of helping sick children.

In this material the number of beauty and kindness (!) just rolls! Don’t forget to share it with friends and acquaintances.

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