As Olga Freimut looked in 20 years

Як Оля Фреймут виглядала у 20 років

Olga Freimut showed looked like 17 years ago
/ Caravan

Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimut showed archival photo, which she is only 20 years. It turned out that at the beginning of her career she was also blonde and has not changed.

On the fan-page 37-year-old Ukrainian journalist Olga Freimut got an old photo “risorse”, which she is 20 years old. Note that the leading rarely shared with fans photos from their personal life, so each frame is a real delight in the comments.

And a recent photo of 17-year-old was no exception. It is possible to see a journalist with blond curls and a white Cape. As the commentators pointed out, she hardly changed in all that time.

Indeed, for fresh photos you can see that Freimut looks quite young, though, and cares about his fans tents.

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