As far as you know cats: test from canadian scientists

Наскільки ви розумієте котів: тест від канадських учених

Cats understand their owners

Scientists have invented a test that allows to show the level of how people know the emotions of cats. And pass it successfully will not everyone!

Canadian scientists organized a massive study involving more than 6 thousand owners of cats from more than 80 countries. And all in order to determine whether people realize facial expressions of their Pets. It turned out that it’s much worse than you think, because cats have a very long time will become a special part of the lives of people and networks.

The fact that subjects needed to view 20 videos with furry animals and determine whether they are satisfied or not. However, this task proved a failure, as only 13% of people gave more than 15 correct answers. By the way, is best performed test of creative young people and women. Therefore, the experts came to the conclusion that you can really define the emotions of Pets with facial expressions, but lucky not all owners.


If you want to test their own skills to “read” cat faces, you can try a condensed version of the tests for 8 of the rollers. Note that it held almost everything, and here’s the complete version, not even the vets.

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