Arzamasova lay down on her baby bed with her baby son

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Arzamasova lay down on her baby bed with her baby son

The actress told how she spends time with the heir.

Liza Arzamasova. Photo:

Liza Arzamasova for many remains the star of the series “Daddy’s Daughters”. However, she also has dozens of other works in her piggy bank, for example, in the film “Love in the City”. She also plays in the theater, but this year the actress had to reduce her creative activity. Lisa is married to Ilya Averbukh. And this year the couple had a son, whom they named Leo.

If in the summer during pregnancy Lisa walked, spent time with her mother Yulia, then after giving birth she got used to the new status for some time. However, gradually the actress began to appear on in public with her husband, supporting him at important events. Even with fans, she rarely communicates, but happily shares her emotions.

So, on September 30, Arzamasova brought her son to visit her mother. Moreover, she showed the baby her nursery. The actress in a cozy sweater lay down on the bed where she had slept before. She was holding a crumb that dozed off on her.

“Visiting a butterfly. We stopped by with Lyovushka to my mother. We tumbled a bit in the “nursery”. Such feelings are strange … Here is the room in which I grew up, grew up, which remembers me as tiny, remembers all my most important events and experiences and keeps “artifacts”, starting with my first toy, my first dress and my first school diary. The level of tenderness is infinity!

Arzamasova lay down on her baby bed with her baby son

Liza Arzamasova with her son. Photo:

After lunch, on a sunny day, this side of the house is light and very cozy. There are toys on the windowsill, as if I had not completed some game 20 years ago and decided to continue later. And on the desk – notebooks from the last session at the institute. And girlish secrets in a box in the dresser. And so … the new man began to sniff so peacefully, as if he knew that he was at home here too.

Mom’s house is my anchor. Such an important “starting point” for me. The history of the family, its big and small events. Books that were read by three generations before Lyovushka. Signs. Smells. Energy. May this amazing place always be the same. It was happy to grow and mature here.

Welcome to my childhood, Lev Ilyich. Today is a good day, ”the star shared.

Fans were touched by the gentle shots. Many noted that her room is a whole work of art. “Such cuties”, “Very delicate photo”, “Beauty is off the charts”, “What a sweet baby doll”, – the subscribers commented on the post.

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