Artificial intelligence from Siberia told how it should end “Game of thrones”

Искусственный интеллект из Сибири рассказал, как должна закончиться «Игра престолов»

It is clearly visible.

Artificial intelligence (AI), which was created by Siberian scientists, dismantled to pieces the end of the cult series Game of thrones, and came to the conclusion that a series of shows in the wrong order, reports the with reference to

One of the authors of the Siberian artificial intelligence scientist Eugene Garin explained that the ending of Game of thrones was supposed to start with the fact that Denis learned of the intention Cersei to attack her after the battle with the dead, and then turns around and destroys king’s landing.

And to end the final season of Game of thrones had battle the living and the dead, in which bran kills the king of the night.

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