Art. Wine. Music – Winter Exhibition-Festival in Netanya

Art. Wine. Music & ndash; Winter Exhibition-Festival in Netanya

Winter Exhibition-Festival & ndash; always a good idea. Moreover, the combination of art, music and wine in December-January, in one of the best exhibition places in Israel, when the winds blow, it rains, and in the intervals the sun shines & ndash; exactly what you need for the right creative mood.

Exhibition 'Within and Beyond. Art. Wine. Music '' It is called so not only because, outside the paintings and works of art presented, there will be concerts, creative evenings, a fair, tastings and much more. But also because “ out of bounds '' maybe everything. Framed & ndash; work, and behind it & ndash; fate and wide-angle vision artist.

Every artist has a visible and invisible piece of creativity. The same 'Within and Beyond'. What falls into the conventional framework of the work, and what remains behind it? Exhibition in Netanya & ndash; an attempt to look through the eyes of the artist at his work a little wider, capturing the “ periphery of the gaze '', what was not included in the work.

Each of the 10 artists presented at the exhibition will tell what he has left beyond creativity, beyond what the attentive viewer's eye sees.

In the upper hall of the gallery, works by famous authors who have created their worlds long ago and in different genres and materials will be exhibited. Famous artist and musician Andrei Makarevich will present his graphics; artist and writer known for his work with the elderly, Sasha Galitsky & ndash; painting; artist and blacksmith Andrey Kumanin & ndash; metal.

In the lower hall you can see works of artists who have recently arrived in Israel, but are already participating in exhibitions, catalogs and other art projects: Lena Belitskaya, Yulia Stotskaya, Katya Shchukina, Ivan Shchukin, Sonya Popov, Mikhail Baranovsky, Sergey Khvostenko.

Participants of the exhibition work in different genres: illustration, graphics, monumental painting, painting on wood and working with metal. And everyone has something to say about what remains invisible to the viewer. The audience will know what it is at the exhibition.

The festival will also feature music. Concerts in different genres by excellent Israeli musicians will accompany the festival. Jazz, electronic music, complementing the visual arts with their unique intonation. And, of course, creative evenings, in one of which, under the title 'A Few Words', Andrey Makarevich will read his stories.

 Art. Wine. Music & ndash; Winter Exhibition-Festival in Netanya

, it is tasty, sunny, varied, with a national character, setting the mood, events at the exhibition will be accompanied by tastings.

All works at the exhibition can be bought, which is especially important on the eve of the New Year.

Exhibition 'Within and Beyond. Art. Wine. Music '' will be held from December 10, 2021 to January 10, 2022 in the Gallery on the Rock; in Netanya, thanks to the assistance and assistance of the deputy of Netanya City Council Boris Tsirulnik.

Exhibition producer: BARD PRoductions
Gallery address: Ha-MaApilim, 19, Netanya.

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