Art walls in Troncedo

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Art walls in Troncedo

It has been many days of work. There have been rebuild dry stone walls. The people of Troncedo have been busy to clean the surroundings of the hermitage of San Andrés, intersection enclave of the cabañeras through which the transhumant cattle from the Chistau and Cerler Valley ran to the lowland, up to Selgua; to Campo or Graus and vice versa. And with the neighbors, the artists Sandrine, Alba de Lucas and Diego. This Friday the exhibition opens at 12 noon in Troncedo.

Sadrine Reynaud, who comes from the French Alps, toils with the chisel to bring life to his sculpture on the stone whose central motif is Venus, the relationship between Earth and Heaven. She, who shows her bare white feet, the fruit of the dust that comes out of the rock, speaks of the femininity of her work. And is that Venus, the star that guides the shepherds at dusk and dawn, is also “the star of art, beauty, love …”.

Next to Sadrine, three residents of Troncedo, Joaquín de Casa Torretas; José María from Casa El Herrero, and Ismael from Casa El Baile, strive to make the dry stone walls perfect. That is to say, walls less than one meter high formed stone by stone, without any cement or mortar.

To neighbor

Such is the enthusiasm of the inhabitants of Troncedo -lThe idea came from the Castilllo de Troncedo Association-, according to what time of day you go, the task is done the closest thing to “neighborhood”. Next to Ismael is Alba de Lucas, from Segovia who, while reviewing her sketches, lends a hand in rebuilding the walls. And that’s where the oak door will go where will paint pictures related to grazing. Behind his art is his natural creativity and intense academic training.

Alba finds his inspiration for Troncedo in his shepherd grandparentss who lived in the Segovian town of San Martín de Mudrián. Alba is linked to the Muretes de Arte Association -Sandrine cs de Murets d’Art- and she is the secretary of this organization, Carmen Bautista, on whom a large part of the concept devised for Troncedo falls.

And, one last element is missing, a sculpture right at the intersection of las cabañeras. A goat, a sheep and a lamb are the three iron figures that are assembled together. The artist is Diego, a turner by profession, and from Casa Mariñosa de Troncedo.

Experiences, art and nature combine these days in Troncedo in a work that remains for posterity. I stumble, a place to escape this Sunday.

I said, this Sunday the 3rd, at noon, we have an appointment in Troncedo.


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