Art of Israeli hype: 19-year-old called 45-year-old boyfriend a pedophile

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 Israeli hype art: 19-year-old calls 45-year-old boyfriend a pedophile

19-year-old Adele Kogan tweeted details of a 45-year-old man who “rolled” to her, and caused a storm of reaction, including from journalists such as Inon Magal and Yosi Davidov.

Adele Kogan (19), from Holon, posted a photo of a WhatsApp message she received from a man 27 years her senior who asked to get to know her better. “Good morning, literally who are you,” she wrote. She later also tweeted, “What a pedophile,” a tweet that was deleted due to the deluge of replies she received – including from journalists Yosi Davidov and Inon Magal. Magal wrote: “Darling, thirty years ago I put dozens of people like you on trucks.”

“This person was not saved in my contacts, and I did not know who he was,” Adele says in an interview with the mako portal. “He looked very old in his profile picture. It was not a shame, for me it was a joke, because I don’t know him and never gave him my phone number in my life. When I posted on Twitter, I didn't expect this to happen. I woke up this morning to a flurry of messages from people asking if I was okay. The commentators were mostly men who shamed me.”

There are several hundred thousand views of the tweet, she notes, “and he brought with him a group of people who wrote to me privately. One of them called me a repulsive and angry woman, ugly inside and out. After Davydov's reaction, I tweeted an explanation for everyone who is angry with me. I regret that I wrote the words “some kind of pedophile” there. It was in light of the age difference between us, and God forbid, because I think he really is a pedophile.” On the other hand, she says, there are also positive reviews: “There are a lot of people who are supportive. They ask what world a 45-year-old man sends a message to a 19-year-old girl in. I thank everyone who supported me and was by my side.

Amidst the flood of reactions, Janon Magal, as mentioned, also shared her tweet and wrote: “What an abomination. Someone sends someone a casual and polite message of interest in private, and she responds by embarrassing him online. I have received several such messages. And how many women could I despise so much. But this probably only applies to the side that is always the victim. And especially for scumbags with a bad temper. A sign of the era.”

Yossi Davidov wrote: “I'm sorry that the author felt uncomfortable in the face of the unpleasant reaction she received from various commentators, I am sure that a person who is not suspected of pedophilia, not married and without children – and I mean the object of the storm, Yehuda Levi Guinon – feels the same way in the face of serious accusations. The author decided to accuse him of recklessness, and among other things: pedophilia and the fact that he is married, which, of course, paints him in a very negative moral light. Yehuda Levi Guinon is not married, not a pedophile, etc. I hope that Mr. Levy will sue for his insult and put an end to online bullying that has no basis or evidence.

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