Arrest of an Israeli Arab who committed a double terrorist attack at the entrance to Jerusalem

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 Arrest of an Israeli Arab who committed a double terrorist attack at the entrance to Jerusalem

The Jerusalem police and the Shin Bet uncovered a double terrorist attack in Jerusalem, in which Arye Shchupak and Tedsa Tskhoma were killed. The attack occurred on November 23 at 07:00 am, when an explosive device exploded at a bus stop at the entrance to the city. Half an hour later, another bomb exploded at a bus stop at Ramot Junction. As a result of the double attack, two people were killed and dozens were injured of varying degrees of severity.

The terrorist who committed the attack is Islam Farukh, a 26-year-old resident of the Kfar Akev district in East Jerusalem. Farukh is an Israeli citizen, holds an Israeli identity card and completed his studies as a mechanical engineer at an Israeli educational institution. Until recently, he worked at a factory in Mishor Adumim. Investigation shows that he acted alone and very carefully planned his attack and escape route.

Farouk was infected with radical Islamist content, including the murderous Da’ish ideology, and learned from videos on the Internet how to make explosive devices and then how to hide the evidence. According to the investigation, he rode a scooter and at about six in the morning to both sites of the planned attacks, installed chargers and activated them about an hour later using mobile phones.

Another charge prepared by Farukh, weighing five kilograms of explosive was to be activated with a delay of about half an hour in order to harm the security forces and rescuers who would arrive on the scene. Due to a technical malfunction of Farukh's phone, he did not activate the third lethal charge.

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