Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a car accident in Los Angeles

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 Arnold Schwarzenegger had an accident in Los Angeles

The accident occurred while Schwarzenegger was driving on Sunday morning, February 5, in the West Los Angeles area. The actor was driving his GMC SUV when the cyclist turned sharply to the left and drove into his lane, colliding with a car. The blow was strong enough to knock the woman off her bike.

LAPD sources told the media that at least three eyewitnesses confirmed this version of events. That is, Schwarzenegger is not to blame for this accident. A woman riding a bicycle was rushed to the emergency room for a medical examination as she complained of pain after the collision. The report notes that her condition is stable.

Arnold was photographed at the scene, talking to police after making sure the woman was all right. Schwarzenegger took the victim's bike to a workshop in the city center for repairs.

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